Hali‘a Aloha

Hali‘a aloha – a loving remembrance of Kekula Bray Crawford. In this August, 1993, video clip, she gives testimony to an international panel of jurists at Ka Ho‘okolokolonui Kanaka Maoli – People’s International Tribunal Hawai‘i, convening at Hāna, Maui. Also … Continue reading

MAUNA KEA informational website


Although the mountain volcano Mauna Kea last erupted around 4000 years ago, it is still hot today, the center of a burning controversy over whether its summit should be used for astronomical observatories or preserved as a cultural landscape sacred to the Hawaiian people. Our informational website offers a wealth of cultural background on the issue.

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Kekula Bray Crawford at the People’s International Tribunal Hawai‘i